Gluten Free and Vegan Bacon Flavored Olive Oil by Queen Creek Olive Mill

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The bacon craze has hit America full swing, and it seems that everyone is jumping on board. Bacon, and bacon flavoring, can be found in just about everything – from lip balm, to ice cream, to cake frosting. Naturally we have not jumped on that bandwagon, although we are in love with these vegan, gluten-free bacon bits. But we were intrigued when we came across Queen Creek Olive Mill’s vegan, gluten-free bacon flavored olive oil.

Made by Queen Creek Olive Mill, this pig-free olive oil is infused with the taste and aroma of bacon, but without the senseless slaughter. We only found a few reviews of this oil, both written by meat-eaters, and both lamented that the olive oil, when fried with eggs, tasted nothing like the eggs fried in bacon fat that their grandparents used to make. It isn’t entirely clear that Queen Creek Olive Mill was particularly looking to imitate bacon grease with their bacon-flavored oil, so much as they were offering a new way to flavor certain dishes. When we were unsure if the olive oil was gluten free, we emailed them to ask and received a prompt and cheerful response that it is indeed free of gluten.

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Queen Creek Olive Mill is located in Arizona and is a sustainable farm that produces the only extra virgin olive oil in the state. Their olive grove is entirely pesticide free and drip-irrigated, so that you can feel confident that your olive oil is safe to eat. The Mill itself is open for tours, classes about growing and making your own olive oil, and shopping in their marketplace. Their marketplace features a variety of products made from their extra virgin olive oil, including bath & body care, as well as imported wines, vinegars and seasoned olives.

Here are some of our favorite possibilities for using Queen Creek Olive Mill vegan, gluten free bacon olive oil:

  • Saute spinach with it
  • Mix with chopped tomatoes and avocado and a little white wine vinegar
  • Use it to cook breakfast potatoes
  • Saute kale with it
  • Use it to dress your salad with a little vegan feta

To learn more about Queen Creek Olive Mill vegan, gluten free bacon olive oil, visit their website.

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