Healthful Chocolate Dip Made with Chickpeas! (Chocolate Hummus Recipe)

chocolate hummus recipe and ingredients
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Chocolate hummus may sound weird, but as our chocolate hummus ingredients show, it really is basically a healthful chocolate dip that happens to be made with chickpeas (a/k/a garbanzo beans). If you think about it, it really is not all that different from that other seemingly weird, but healthful and absolutely delicious combination, black bean brownies. In both cases, you don’t taste the beans (black beans in the case of black bean brownies, and chickpeas in the case of our chocolate hummus recipe), and in fact if you didn’t tell people that they contain beans, they would never know (it’s fun to blow peoples’ minds like that :~) ).

There are a lot of chocolate hummus recipes online, however ours is a bit different. Most chocolate hummus recipes call for canned chickpeas, maple syrup, and powdered cocoa, and water as may be necessary to thin the hummus. Some of them also include a smattering of salt, and some vanilla extract.

Our chocolate hummus recipe calls for either of canned chickpeas or home-cooked chickpeas, your choice of liquid sweetener (agave, brown rice syrup, or maple syrup), some almond butter, and raw cacao.

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As to how you would use chocolate hummus, well, really you can dip anything in chocolate hummus that you want to: fruit slices, nuts, pita bread or chips (gluten-free, of course), crackers or graham crackers (ditto), etc.. We really like dipping the Simple Mills almond flour crackers from Costco in them – it gives us that sweet and salty bite similar to chocolate-covered pretzels. But you can also eat it with a spoon. ;~)

Also, a hint: once you are done making this, and have cleaned your blender container out as much as possible, throw some plant milk into the blender and give it a whirl, and you will have a thick, creamy, very tasty, and very healthful, chocolate milk with which to reward yourself for making this chocolate hummus!

Chocolate Milk Made from Chocolate Hummus Residue in Blender
chocolate hummus residue chocolate milk

Healthful Chocolate Dip Made with Chickpeas! (Chocolate Hummus Recipe)


1 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas or 1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained
2 Tablespoons almond butter (see our easy homemade almond butter recipe here)
4 Tablespoons raw cacao (can use baking cocoa if you don’t have raw cacao)
3 Tablespoons agave or maple syrup or brown rice syrup, we use Costco’s maple syrup!
Filtered water to thin the hummus to whatever consistence you want – if you are using home-cooked chickpeas you may need quite a lot, but add it slowly as you can always add more, but you can’t remove it once added!


Place all of the ingredients except the water in a Vitamix or other high speed blender, and blend, slowly adding more water until you get the consistency you want. If you don’t have a high speed blender you can use a food processor, however the result may not be as smooth.

Once your yummy chocolate hummus is blended to your preference, you can serve it immediately, or store it in the fridge. Don’t forget to add some plant milk to your blender to use the last bits of the chocolate hummus to make that yummy, tasty chocolate milk!

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Chocolate Hummus
chocolate hummus recipe and ingredients

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