Here’s a Legit Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture!

countertop homemade almond coconut yogurt
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Our vegan yogurt recipes are some of our most popular recipes, and generally instead of a vegan yogurt starter culture (a/k/a plant-based yogurt starter culture) we recommend using a few spoonfuls of yogurt that you already have in the house. But you know that moment when you realize that you don’t have any yogurt to use as starter, or that the yogurt that you thought you had has gone bad, or disappeared? That’s when having pre-packaged vegan yogurt starter on hand comes in handy.

By far our most popular yogurt recipes are our simple and thick Instant Pot almond milk yogurt, and our incredibly easy countertop 2-ingredient coconut or almond yogurt. Each of these call for just two ingredients: plant milk, and starter. And, again, you can always use a bit of existing yogurt as your starter. You can also use a probiotic powder if you have it (or open a probiotic capsule to get at the powder).

On a quick tangent, famed pediatrician Dr. Sears says that he teaches his young patients to read ingredient labels when they are out shopping with their parents, and that he tells all of them that yogurt should have only two ingredients: “milk, and bugs”. :~) We really like that, and we agree! (Of course the “bugs” are the beneficial bacteria that we call the “yogurt starter”.)

Anyways, we digress. We’ve recently been really impressed with the Cultures for Health vegan yogurt culture! Not only because it’s vegan, and not only because it’s ready-to-use, but also because it’s good! The fact that it’s easy to use, basically fail-proof, and a good price makes it a great value! And that’s why we have, in fact, partnered with Cultures for Health, because we want only the best for ourselves, and for you!

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The Cultures for Health vegan yogurt starter culture package contains four individual starter packets, each of which is enough to turn up to a half-gallon of plant milk into yogurt. And they couldn’t be easier to use! You just open one of the packets, mix it into your milk, and then process it into yogurt using your favorite method! (Countertop, Instant Pot, oven, etc.).

Cultures for Health also offers a vegan bundle, which includes vegan yogurt starter, vegan water kefir starter, vegan tempeh starter, and a sprouting seed protein blend! Either way you’re getting that vegan yogurt starter or, as we call it, the vegan yogurt insurance policy. :~) You can get the Cultures for Health vegan yogurt starter here, it’s only $10.99 for the 4-packet package! You can also check out the Cultures for Health Vegan Bundle here.

Happy yogurting!

Our almond yogurt – look how thick!
countertop homemade almond coconut yogurt

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