Homemade Gluten-Free Vegan Beef Tips from Soy Curls

Homemade Vegan Beef Tenders Recipe
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Gluten-free vegan beef strips, also called vegan beef tips and vegan beef tenders, are really hard to find, so make your own! The problem is that all of the vegan beef tips out there (such as Gardein) are like the opposite of gluten-free; they’re glutenful, being made, most often, with vital wheat gluten. But our vegan beef tips (tenders, strips, whatever you want to call them) are not only gluten-free, but they are super tender, super tasty, and super clean! In fact, they have just three ingredients!

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The main ingredient, as you probably figured out from the title, is soy curls. If you haven’t yet tried soy curls, this is an excellent recipe with which to try them! They are made from a single ingredient: non-GMO soy (and really it’s been grown without chemical pesticides, so about as close to organic as you can get without having that little (but expensive) “certified organic” logo on the package). You can get soy curls either directly from the manufacturer, Butler Foods, or on Amazon.

Homemade Vegan Beef Tenders Recipe


2 cups dry soy curls
1 vegan beef bouillon cube (we love Edwards & Sons vegan beef bouillon cubes)
2 teaspoons instant coffee powder (regular or decaf)
About 2 cups boiling water
Neutral oil for sautéing

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Place the bouillon cube and the instant coffee powder in a heat proof bowl, and pour one cup of boiling water over them. Stir and let soak until the bouillon and coffee are completely dissolved, stirring occasionally. Once the bouillon and coffee are completely dissolved, give it one more good stir, and then add the soy curls and add more water until the soy curls are just barely covered.

Let soy curls soak for a good while (we usually let them soak for about an hour). Drain the soy curls, and then squeeze as much moisture as you can out of them. We do this by squashing them and holding them down with a potato masher and pouring the liquid off, and then finishing it by squeezing them between layers of paper towels (which we compost).

Heat oil in a medium or large heavy-bottomed frying pan or skillet. (Did you know that skillets and frying pans are not actually the same things? According to L’Academie, frying pans have a wider bottom (and so a larger cooking surface) than skillets, while skillets have higher sides (they both generally have sloped sides).) Anyways, once the oil is hot, put your soy curl beef tenders into the pan, and sauté them until they turn the lovely shade of brown that you see in the picture. NOTE: If you’d like, sauté some onions in there with them, yum!

These are great served on their own, or in a mushroom gravy over rice or noodles, or to use to make a vegan stroganff!

Homemade Gluten-Free vegan Beef Tenders
Homemade Gluten-Free Vegan Beef Tenders Recipe

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