Instant Pot Crisp or Cobbler that Just Happens to be Vegan and Gluten-Free!

instant pot fruit crisp cobbler recipe ingredients
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After searching and searching for an Instant Pot fruit crisp or cobbler recipe, we finally invented one of our own, and it came out perfectly! So, here’s our vegan, gluten-free fruit crisp recipe done in the Instant Pot.

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Even if you don’t have an Instant Pot (yet), by now you’ll have heard all about them. The Instant Pot is a countertop kitchen appliance that can be used either as an automatic, electronic pressure cooker, or a crock pot. And those two functions also allow you to use it to make yogurt, steam cook all sorts of things, make rice, overnight oats, and scores of other things.

But the secret beauty of the Instant Pot is that you can do any of these things and then just walk away from it while everything is cooking, and it shuts itself off when the cooking time is up, and then keeps your food warm for up to 10 hours!

In fact, that is exactly what we did when we made our Instant Pot fruit crisp: we dumped everything into the pot, set it to pressure cook for 12 minutes, and then left the house to go out to dinner. When we got home, hours later, the crisp was cooked to perfection, and had been kept warm while we were out!

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So yeah, we love our Instant Pot. And we love us some fruit crisp. So, here is our recipe for Instant Pot Fruit Crisp.

Once it’s done cooking, serve it nice and warm topped with some vegan ice cream, vegan whipped cream, or whipped coconut cream. Or serve it cold. Or have it for breakfast! 🙂

Instant Pot Fruit Crisp or Cobbler


5 pieces of fruit (we use 3 apples and 2 pears) cut into chunks
1 cup steel cut oats
1/4 cup date syrup or maple syrup
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/2 cups hot water

Mix everything together in your Instant Pot.

instant pot fruit crisp cobbler recipe ingredients
Dump all of the fruit crisp ingredients into your Instant Pot


fruit crisp or cobbler in the instant pot
Mix well


Using the manual setting, cook on high pressure for 10-12 minutes (depending on whether you like your fruit on the firmer or the softer side).

Let depressurize using natural pressure release (NPR).

That’s all there is to it!

Serve warm topped with your favorite vegan ice cream for a lovely dessert, or make it the night before and have it waiting for you for breakfast!

P.S. If you want a true cobbler, which of course would not be gluten-free, place uncooked biscuits on top of the fruit before cooking, and increase the cooking time to 15 minutes, give or take a minute.

instant pot fruit crisp

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7 thoughts on “Instant Pot Crisp or Cobbler that Just Happens to be Vegan and Gluten-Free!

  1. This looks like a great recipe! Have you tried it with peaches? I wonder if the peaches will get mushier than your apple/pear combination would. Your thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hi Leslie! I think it would depend on how ripe the peaches are, but heck, we’d even try it with canned peaches (we’re crazy that way), we would just drain them really well and pat them dry first, which is what we would also do with ripe peach slices. Regardless of how it turns out consistency-wise, it will be delicious!

  2. I really enjoyed this recipe! I did add a little bit of coconut sugar as wee. I found the fruit was cooked to perfection but the steel cut oats were still a bit undercooked and I cooked for 10 minutes. Next time I might cook the oats a bit first. Thanks for sharing!

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