Instant Pot Gluten-free Vegan Marinara Potatoes

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These Instant Pot gluten-free vegan marinara potatoes are super easy and packed with delicious flavor. They are nice little switch from spaghetti while being hearty. Different types of potatoes can be substituted, but the yellow ones add a nice, buttery flavor. There’s no need to peel the potatoes, but they can be peeled prior to cooking or even mashed at the end for a unique twist on mashed potatoes. Top with dairy-free cheese or sour cream, or serve as-is for an Italian-inspired side dish.


2 tbs olive oil

½ yellow onion, chopped

1 head of garlic, minced

4 large yellow potatoes, chopped

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1 ½ cups tomato sauce

1 tsp Himalayan salt

1 tsp black pepper


Select the Sauté option on the Instant Pot, add in olive oil, onion, and garlic. Cook until translucent and aromatic, about 3-4 minutes. Turn off the Instant Pot.

Add in potatoes and tomato sauce, and stir until the potatoes are completely covered by the sauce. Close and lock lid.

Set Instant Pot on the Manual setting on High for 6 minutes. Once the Pot beeps allow to release naturally for about ten minutes, and then quick release the rest of the pressure.

Salt and pepper to taste, then serve.

Serve warm! This recipe lends itself well to doubling. If you have any leftover, add in some vegetable broth during the reheat and it makes a nice tomatoey potato soup.

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