Missing Costco Peanut Butter? Make Your Own with Our 5-Minute Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe!

homemade organic peanut butter recipe
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If you are mourning the loss of Costco’s all-natural organic peanut butter, take heart! Our ‘Better-Than-Costco’ homemade peanut butter to the rescue! It’s so easy and, we think, better to make your own! And you can make it smooth or chunky! All you need is a food processor (or the high-speed blender we use), and organic peanuts, and you can use either raw peanuts or roasted peanuts!

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Now, if you are a regular reader of the Happy Gluten-Free Vegan, you know that we’re all about high speed blenders, but sometimes a good old-fashioned food processor is what’s called for. This is in part because most high-speed blenders have fixed blades, by which we mean the blades don’t come off for easy cleaning, and so food processors tend to be easier to clean if you are making something thick or sticky – like nut butters. Also most high-speed blender containers taper down to a base that is narrower than the rest of the container, which is not conducive to fully blending (not to mention scraping out) very thick mixtures. So our nut butters (for example our homemade almond butter and our homemade coconut butter manna) have always been made in our trusty Cuisinart.

That is, until recently. That is when we found our new Ninja Foodi Smoothie & Bowl Blender, and let us tell you, it’s a game changer. The blade assembly is separate and can be tossed in the dishwasher (!) and this thing is even more powerful than our Vitamix! And the “base” where the blades are is actually the widest part of the container! Not only that, but because it has timed cycles, if you are making a smoothie you can turn it on and walk away and it will turn itself off!

But for the purposes of this recipe, making nut butter, you will want the “Bowl” part of ‘Smoothie & Bowl Blender’. This uses a different cup (but the same detachable blades) which is made for making nut butters and smoothie bowls. Here is the whole setup; in the picture the bowl container is the one that is on the base (the other containers also come with it):

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Ninja Foodi Smoothie & Bowl Blender
Ninja Foodi Foodie Smoothie Bowl blender

If you want to check it out on Amazon, it’s on sale right now (as of the time that we are writing up this recipe), and you can check it out here. But, again, you can also use your trusty food processor.

As for the peanuts (and really, don’t you agree that the ingredients in peanut butter should be peanuts and, well, more peanuts? And maybe a little bit of sea salt or Himalayan salt, and nothing else?), you can use raw peanuts or roasted peanuts, that is totally up to you. The Costco Kirkland brand organic peanut butter for which you may be pining uses roasted peanuts, but we actually prefer peanut butter made with raw peanuts. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from using both!

If you want a great deal on raw organic Spanish peanuts, check out these organic Spanish peanuts on Amazon. If you prefer them roasted, you can get dry-roasted organic peanuts in bulk at Nuts.com.

Better-Than-Costco 5-Minute Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe


Peanuts (you can expect about 1/2 cup of peanut butter for every 1 cup of peanuts that you use, more or less)




Put your peanuts in the bowl of your food processor. Turn it on, and process the bejeezus out of it. You should expect this to take 10 minutes or more, during which, the first time you make this, you will almost certainly first think that you did something wrong (you didn’t), then curse us for misleading you about how simple it is (we didn’t, and it is), and then magically the peanut crumbs will turn into peanut tar, then peanut goo, and finally glorious peanut butter. Note: Be sure to stop and scrape the sides every 30-45 seconds, at least at first.

Variation 1: If you want to make chunky (‘crunchy’) peanut butter, stop your processor after the first moment or two, when the peanuts are the right “chunk” size, and take out a few tablespoons of the peanut chunks; add them back in at the last minute.

Variation 2: Add in some raw cacao for incredible (and incredibly good for you) chocolate peanut butter!

Now use your wonderful, delicious, healthful homemade peanut butter to make our Easy and Delicious 3-Ingredient Vegan Fat Bombs!

homemade organic peanut butter recipe

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