Homemade Coconut Milk Clean Pure Easy Also Gluten-Free and Vegan AIP Compliant
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Homemade Coconut Milk: Clean, Pure and Easy! Also Gluten-Free and Vegan AIP Compliant!

This recipe for homemade coconut milk uses only two ingredients, is delicious, and is super-easy to make! Plus it’s vegan AIP compliant!

Easy Instant Pot Homemade Almond Milk Yogurt - Just Almond Milk and Starter - No Thickeners Needed!
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Easy Homemade 2-Ingredient Almond Milk Yogurt – No Thickeners Needed! (Also Makes Homemade Almond Milk!)

Finally! Homemade almond milk yogurt in the Instant Pot with no fuss, no complicated instructions, no other ingredients.

instant pot saute temperatures
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Getting Started with the Instant Pot – an Instant Pot Quick Start Guide

I LOVE my Instant Pot (also known affectionately as an iPot, InstaPot, Insta Pot, or even just the IP)! But I will be the first to admit that it can be a little daunting getting comfortable with it at first! So, here are a few tips that have really helped me to finally ‘get’ it, plus instructions for something that you can make in your Instant Pot that will change your life: baked potatoes in 12 minutes!