Show Your Appreciation for the Vegan Costco Group!

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If you are reading this page you are part of the awesome Vegan Costco group on Facebook (thank you!), and you are interested in showing your appreciation for the group and the group moderator’s tireless efforts to keep this huge group on track, civil, and free from spam.

If you love the Vegan Costco group as much as we do, you can show your support by sending something along to the moderator (she will get 100% of it) to buy herself the coffee and snacks that fuel her being online, tending to the group, up to 15 hours a day.

You can contribute any amount right here:

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Or you can send show your appreciation by sending $1 a month automatically here (of course you can cancel it any time!):

Contribute $1 a month to support the Vegan Costco Facebook group.

Either way, thank you for being part of this fabulous group!