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Vegan Chocolate Pudding or Blancmange or Pots de Crème

This is an astonishingly easy vegan chocolate crème pudding (or blancmange or pots de crème)!

Vegan Chocolate Crème Pudding

1 box firm silken tofu (not the refrigerated kind – the kind that is on supermarket shelves in the Asian section – see picture below)

scant 3/4 cup soy milk (we use vanilla flavored unsweetened soy milk)

1/3 cup vegan sugar

1/2 Tablespoon vanilla extract

3 Tablespoons dark cocoa powder or raw cacao (we use raw cacao)

Blend all ingredients in a blender until very smooth

Pour into serving dishes and chill until it’s time to serve.

We recently made this to take to a potluck (we poured it into small Dixie cups and transported them in a baking pan) and it was a huge hit! It’s rich enough that even a small amount is very satisfying!

Vegan Chocolate Crème Pudding in background (Vegan Almond Crème in foreground)

vegan chocolate pudding


This is the kind of tofu you want:
silken firm tofu box

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