homemade organic peanut butter recipe
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Missing Costco Peanut Butter? Make Your Own with Our 5-Minute Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe!

If you are mourning the disappearance of Costco’s all-natural organic peanut butter, take heart! It’s easier and, we think, better to make your own! And you can make it smooth or chunky! All you need is a food processor and organic peanuts, and you can use either raw peanuts or roasted peanuts!

How to Cook Pasta in Sauce in the Instant Pot
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How to Cook Pasta Directly in the Sauce in the Instant Pot

Here’s how to cook your pasta right in the sauce with your Instant Pot or other digital, electronic pressure cooker! With this method you can create a wonderful one-pot meal in no time, and with no fuss! It’s so easy, and it works for both regular and gluten-free pasta!

pumpkin tomato bisque
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Quick and Easy Pumpkin Tomato Bisque

Sometimes you want something a little exotic, but really easy to make. Sometimes you want to be able to open a few cans, throw them into a bowl or pot, and come up with something tasty. If this describes you, this is a recipe for you!