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Tomato-Free Beet Ketchup – Easy, Delicious, Vegan, and AIP Friendly!

This incredible vegan beet ketchup is a great alternative to tomato ketchup, and is vegan AIP friendly! Plus it’s really easy to make!

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Vegan, Gluten-Free Ketchup made from Tomatoes and Plums

We defy you to read a copy of the Inspired Vegan and not get hungry. All of the recipes are distinct, but relatively easy to make. This recipe caught our eye because it is such an unexpected marrying of flavors. Tangy tomatoes and red wine vinegar are paired with sweet plums and agave nectar. It is rounded out with red onions and lemon juice. A smattering of sea salt tops off this dish for a wonderful medley of some of nature’s best offerings. We hope you enjoy it!