pineapple upside down cake
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Our Yummy, Vegan and Gluten-Free Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Will Fill You With Summer Nostalgia

Many of us have fond summer memories of sitting outside in the warm sun, digging into generous helpings of pineapple upside-down cake. Of course, the traditional recipe utilizes eggs and milk, but these ingredients aren’t necessary for our delicious version. Our recipe uses fresh pineapple instead of canned. Colorful pomegranate seeds replace the usual Maraschino cherries.

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Barbecue Vegan Hoagie Recipe with Chipotle Mayo

This barbecue vegan hoagie recipe is fabulous and easy on its own, and when you add the chipotle mayo it’s just perfect for your next bbq! We love tempeh, it’s so versatile and good for you and, of course, gluten-free and vegan! We love to make these vegan barbecue tempeh sandwiches for outdoor holidays, for example as we write this Memorial Day is almost here. One of our favorite vegan cookbooks for festive food is Quick & Easy Vegan Celebrations by Alicia C. Simpson. To many, Memorial Day means gathering with friends and family to have time together, cherish the ones you love, and remember those who have served our country. Delicious food often plays a major role in these holiday gatherings, and those who are vegan and gluten-free can still enjoy delicious food to mark the occasion.