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Getting Started with the Instant Pot for Vegans: Our Instant Pot Quick Start Guide

Did you know that the Instant Pot is awesome for vegans, and even for gluten-free vegans? (In fact check out our Instant Pot vegan recipes!) If you have an Instant Pot languishing, barely used on your counter, or maybe even hidden away unused in a closet, this is the Instant Pot quick start guide for you! In fact this is the Instant Pot quick start guide that we wish had come with our Instant Pot. We LOVE our Instant Pot, but we will be the first to admit that it can be a little daunting getting comfortable with it at first, and it can feel like it has a pretty steep learning curve. So if you are feeling a little intimidated by your new Instant Pot, you’re not alone! Read our quick start guide and we promise that you will feel much more comfortable (dare we even say “competent”) with your Instant Pot!