homemade vegan cream of tomato soup
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Super Easy Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup

Being gluten-free and vegan doesn’t mean that you have to forego that ultimate of comfort foods: the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup! Now you can easily have a gluten-free vegan grilled cheese sandwich and our gluten-free vegan cream of tomato soup! We call this a vegan Costco recipe because we get the ingredients from Costco, and we call this a quarantine recipe because the ingredients are all shelf-stable.

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Vegan, Gluten-Free Hickory Smoked Tomato Soup with “Cheese”

This weekend was particularly dreary around these parts and, though it is technically summer, it was perfect soup weather! One of the things we do miss about our non-vegan days is onion soup! We loved the traditional kind of onion soup, with the cheese bubbling over the rim. Well we decided to do a little vegan and gluten-free spin on this yummy soup! We had some tomato soup on hand and thought a smokey tomato soup with cheese melted on top sounded perfect.