Vegan Gluten-Free Green Beer for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and green beer will be flowing! Just because you are vegan and gluten free does not mean that you can’t partake in the festivities! We have assembled the perfect gluten free, vegan beer and gluten free, vegan food color combination for you.

First the beer!

While there are many gluten-free beers on the market, we focused on Green’s Beer pretty fast. Despite the fact that they are based in Belgium, their fun, green beer bottles with old-fashioned font just scream “St. Patrick’s Day”. What we love about Green’s gluten-free beer is that they are proud of the fact that they are vegan. They state right up front on their website that, “Green’s Beers are suitable for both Vegetarian and Vegan diets,” and, “Green’s Beers DO NOT contain any of the following allergens or products thereof: Gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soybeans, Milk, Lactose, Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Sesame seeds, Sulfur dioxide nor Sulfites.”

Many don’t realize that there are both vegan and gluten free beers. When you are a beer-lover, perhaps the worse diagnosis you can receive is that of celiac disease. But that did not stop the founder, who became determined to create a beer that is not only safe for those with gluten sensitivities to consume, but that actually tastes good. With so many gluten-free beers having tried, and failed, to deliver a full-flavored product, this was no easy feat! Green’s has now come up with 3, full-flavored options.

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First up is their Discovery Amber Ale vegan and gluten free beer. It is made without any wheat or barley and has carmel and nut flavors. Plan to pair this with Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies or Red Potato Cakes with Tomato and Wilted Spinach.

Next up is their Endeavour Dubbel Ale. The unique thing about this particular ale is that it is the world’s first version of this style ale that is made without barley. The flavor in this vegan, gluten free beer is toffee and dark-sugar, and it would make a great pairing with gluten free, vegan risotto-stuffed portobello caps with vegan cheese crisps or some pucker-up potato salad.

Finally, Green’s vegan, gluten free beer brewery offers the Quest Tripel Ale. Like the Endeavour Dubbel Ale, this beer is notable because it is a tripel ale that is made without barley, which is quite uncommon. This ale is a light-bodied beer and has lovely flavors of candied fruit. This ale would taste delicious with crock-pot carrot potato soup or vegan, gluten-free cheeze cracker soup.

Now the green!

If you are looking for green beer, fear not! We tracked down a food coloring company that proudly sells vegan, gluten-free food coloring. AmeriColor food color offers a huge array of vegan, gluten free food colorings. They are also kosher certified, if that is also important to you. With five gorgeous green colors from which to choose, you are sure to find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day shade! Who would have thought that gluten free, vegan green beer was still a possibility?

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