Vegan Ricotta Cheese – Easy, Yummy, Gluten-Free and Plant Paradox Friendly!

Vegan Ricotta Cheese - Easy, Yummy, Gluten-Free and Plant Paradox Friendly!
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This recipe for vegan ricotta cheese is easy, simple, and absolutely delicious, and as a bonus it’s lectin-free and so Plant Paradox compliant (more on that in a moment). It yields a fluffy ricotta that has essentially the same texture as dairy ricotta, without any of the downsides of dairy, regardless of the reason that you may be avoiding it.

Some of us have recently started the reduced-lectin Plant Paradox way of eating, which means that many things which were previously ok for us to eat are currently off the table, so to speak. This includes many nuts, such as cashews and peanuts (little lectin bombs that they are), but as it happens, almonds are ok if (and only if) they are blanched, which involves plunging them into boiling water for one minute, then plunging them into cold water, and then removing their skins (the skin is where all the lectins are in almonds). By the way, gluten is also a lectin. So if you have a problem with gluten, guess what – you have a problem with at least one lectin.

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Well as it happens, the best way to make vegan ricotta, and to ensure it’s light and fluffy, is by using blanched almonds!

Now, you can blanch your almonds at home. It’s not difficult. But it is tedious. Ask us how we know. Ok, we’ll tell you: because we blanched about 6 cups of almonds ourselves, and it took about 3 hours to squeeze every… single… almond… out of it’s little almond skin. This is why, from now on, we will be buying our almonds already blanched. You can get blanched almonds on Amazon here, but we prefer to use organic whenever possible, and so we get organic blanched almonds from which, ironically, is the same vendor as at the Amazon link, but for some reason they don’t sell their organic version on Amazon.

Anyways, here’s how to make this very yummy vegan ricotta!

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Vegan Ricotta Cheese – Easy, Yummy, Gluten-Free and Plant Paradox Friendly!

2 cups blanched almonds, soaked overnight
1 heaping tablespoon nutritional yeast
1 tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice (maybe more towards the end, to taste)
1/2 teaspoon salt (maybe more towards the end, to taste)
1 cup water (plus a bit more for towards the end)
pinch garlic powder (optional but provides a depth of flavor without making the ricotta taste of garlic so long as you use just a tiny pinch)

Be sure to soak the blanched almonds overnight. The 2 cups is measured before soaking them. In the morning you will find that they have swelled to 3 cups or even more, and that’s fine. This gives the almonds a softer texture, and makes them easier to blend.

Put the almonds, and then all of the rest of the ingredients, into a strong, high-speed blender (you can also use a food processor but the result may be a bit rougher in texture).

Start blending, scraping the sides occasionally, and then stop it and taste the mixture. This is the time to add more vinegar or lemon juice, and/or more salt, until it tastes just the way you want it to taste. Then add a little more water, just a tiny bit at a time, until it gets to the consistency you want. How much water you need to add will depend on factors such as how much water the almonds took on while soaking, how firm or soft you want your ricotta, etc.. Be sure not to over-blend your ricotta, or it will become almost completely smooth; you want it to have some texture like dairy ricotta.

We Think That This is the Perfect Ricotta Texture
Vegan Ricotta Cheese - Easy, Yummy, Gluten-Free and Plant Paradox Friendly!

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Once your ricotta is done put it in a covered container and refrigerate. You can use it immediately, but it’s even better after being in the refrigerator for a few hours, or even overnight, to let the flavors blend together and develop.

If you make this please let us know how you used it!

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