Yes You Can Freeze ‘Just Egg’ and Here’s How to Do It

Yes You Can Freeze Just Egg and Here is How to Do It
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Even though the Just company doesn’t recommend it, you can freeze Just Egg just fine (see what we did there?), and neither you nor the Just Egg will suffer any ill effects. Now, to be clear, we are talking about bottles of Just Egg, the kind that you find in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Just Egg does also put out a frozen, precooked product, called Just Egg Folded, that you pop in the toaster and then put on a sandwich; that’s not what we are talking about here – we’re talking about the original, liquid Just Egg.

Now, to be clear, here is what Just says in the Just Egg FAQ about freezing liquid Just Egg: “JUST Egg is a refrigerated product, and we do not recommend freezing it. JUST Egg Folded and JUST Egg Sous Vide are frozen products and should be kept frozen until ready to use.”

Wait, did they say “JUST Egg Sous Vide”? They did indeed, although in fact what the Just Egg Sous Vide product is really is a box of egg bites made with Just Egg. And guess what, you can make those yourself (as have we, for ages) using either of our two vegan egg bite recipes, Vegan Instant Pot Egg Bites and Vegan Meatball-Stuffed Egg Bites.

On the other hand, if you want some yummy (and easy!) gluten-free, vegan sous vide recipes, we’ve got you covered there as well!

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But we digress, the point is that you can freeze Just Egg, and we offer here 3 ways to do it.

How to Freeze Just Egg

When we say that we are going to give you three ways to freeze your liquid Just Egg, we mean three ways to store it in the freezer, not three different methods for getting it frozen, such as 1. stick it in the freezer, 2. immerse it in liquid nitrogen, 3. stick it in a snow bank. We assume that you have a freezer, and that you want to put the Just Egg in your freezer.

Here are our three ways of freezing Just Egg, from our least favorite to our most favorite.

1. Stick the Unopened Bottle in the Freezer

The first one is the easiest going in, but the most difficult coming out of the freezer. This is to just stick the unopened bottle of Just Egg in the freezer. You can do that; plenty of people do, and so far as we know nobody has had a bottle explode (or split open) from expansion in the freezer. However, the downside to this is that a) it takes the longest to thaw, and b) then you have to use up an entire bottle of Just Egg before it goes bad. That’s why we prefer the next two methods.

2. Pour the Just Egg into Ice Cube Trays

Our second method (and middle favorite of the three) is to pour the Just Egg into ice cube trays, freeze it, and then put it in an airtight container in the freezer. We actually use the accessory port on our vacuum sealer (this is the vacuum sealer we use, in case you’re interested – we tried several and this is the one that had everything we wanted and that worked the best, and it’s been going strong for a number of years) with these canisters, but the canisters seem to have gotten really pricey, and these ones seem similar, and for a third of the price.

Frozen Just Egg Cubes
freeze frozen just egg ice cubes

The nice thing about this method is that you can take out as many cubes as you need; our ice cube trays hold about a tablespoon of liquid in each hollow (with headroom for expansion), and as it happens an average egg is about 3 tablespoons in volume, and that’s also the amount that Just says is a serving.

3. Tupperware Midgets

This is our favorite method of all. We love Tupperware Midgets (they look like slightly big shot glasses with lids). Each Midget holds 3 tablespoons of Just Egg with room for expansion (they hold a total of 4 tablespoons if you fill them to the tippy-top), and they have lines around them at the 1, 2, and 3 tablespoon level mark so that it’s really easy to pour the Just Egg into each one and get 3 tablespoons every time. Just pop them in the freezer and you have premeasured 3-tablespoon servings! And because the lids go on air- and water-tight, you can even plop them in warm water to hasten the thawing process, if you need to! You can find Tupperware Midgets on eBay, or you can even buy them new on Amazon here.

And that is how you freeze Just Egg!

Just Egg in Tupperware Midgets – Aren’t They Cute?
Yes You Can Freeze Just Egg and Here is How to Do It

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