Easy Vegan Pill Pockets for Your Dog

Vegan Pill Pockets Recipe
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Have you ever wished that there could be vegan pill pockets for your dog? Of course none of the commercially available pill pockets are vegan, so we are going to give you a simple recipe to make your own, and, as a bonus, a pointer to an alternative that you can buy and use if you don’t want to make your own (for example if you only need to give your dog a few pills, not a daily pill).

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Pill pockets are such a convenient way to pill your dog (yes, that’s the term that vets use, ‘pill’ in this case is a verb, as in “Do you have a hard time pilling your dog?” or “Is your cat easy to pill?”). But, again, there are no vegan pill pockets on the market (at least as of the time of this writing).

Now, before we give you the very easy recipe, if you only need to give your dog a few pills, such as for, say a short course of antibiotics, you can also use marshmallows. That’s right, we said it, vegan marshmallows. Now, of course, you don’t want to be giving your dogs loads of sugar, so that’s why vegan marshmallows are only for a very short-term. But if that’s your situation they work like magic. They come in two sizes (regular and mini) and after you sneak the pill into it, the marshmallow gets nice and slippery and slimy as soon as it gets into your dog’s mouth, so they just swallow it whole, pill and all.

The one brand of vegan marshmallows out there is called ‘Dandies’; if you can’t find them locally you can get the regular size Dandies here on Amazon, and the mini size Dandies here on Amazon.

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Easy Vegan Pill Pockets Recipe for Your Dog


1 cup quick oats (uncooked)
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup water


Place the dry (uncooked) quick oats in a food processor and process until turned to a fine flour. Now add the water and the peanut butter to the food processor and process until it turns into a smooth dough.

At this point you can either form the dough into individual pill pockets (use a toothpick or a straw to form a hole in each one), or you can put it all in a small container and just dig out a little to form around the pill before giving the pill to your dog, whatever works best for you. Either way, store in the refrigerator.

Vegan Pill Pockets Recipe

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